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A Well Rewarded Effort

The quality of Anecoop Bodegas’ wines has been recognised in the main international wine competitions, and their characteristics have won over the most prestigious wine critics both in Spain and abroad.

Our Wines



Venta del Puerto number 12

Venta del Puerto number 12

Venta del Puerto number 18

Venta del Puerto number 18


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Bodegas San Martín

Bodegas San Martin is the second oldest cooperative in Navarre. Grapes grown with sufficient rain and sunlight, and winds which air the vineyards.

Bodegas San Martin是納瓦拉歷史第二悠久的葡萄酒合作社。納瓦拉雨水、微風和陽光充足讓酒莊通風良好,非常適合種植紅葡萄。

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La Vina

Founded in 1945, Bodega La Viña is an avant-garde wine company, and is one of the leading wineries in the Valencia P.D.O. In 2004, it won the award for the Best Farming Cooperative from the Valencian Regional Government.
Located in the Valencian town of La Font de la Figuera, its superb location on the edge of the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Albacete, between the Mediterranean and the Meseta plateau, gives its wines character, thanks to the sun, sea breeze, dry climate, cold winters and altitude.

Bodega La Viña成立於1945年,是一家前衛的葡萄酒公司,也是華倫西亞自治區(Valencia P.D.O)的領先釀酒廠之一。 於2004年,它更獲得了華倫西亞自治區政府頒發的``最佳農業合作社獎''。坐落在華倫西亞小鎮,位於華倫西亞,阿利坎特和阿爾瓦塞特省之間的拉豐特德拉菲格拉(La Font de la Figuera),地處地中海和梅塞塔高原之間,得益於陽光,海風,乾燥的氣候候,寒冷的冬季和海拔,賦與了當地葡萄酒特色。

W02-Vina Winery.jpg

Bodegas Reymos

Founded in 1918, Bodegas Reymos was the first wine cooperative to be set up in Valencia, and is one of the oldest wine cooperatives in Spain.
It is located in the Valencian town of Cheste, an area whose average altitude is 218 metres above sea level, and whose microclimate, soil conditions and proximity to the sea, make it ideal for growing and developing the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety

Bodegas Reymos成立於1918年,是在華倫西亞成立的第一家葡萄酒合作社,同時亦是西班牙最古老的葡萄酒合作社之一。
Bodegas Reymos是在西班牙種植亞歷山大麝香葡萄的領先生產者。

About Us


Since it was founded in 1986, Anecoop Bodegas has managed to create and consolidate a diverse, premium quality range of value-for-money wines.

In April 2013,  Anecoop decided to open an office in Hong Kong to market its wines across the continent. Having an office on site enables Anecoop to learn more about the local needs and adapt its products to this highly demanding market that keeps growing and evolving every day.

In Hong Kong, We focus on wholesale business and supplying a wide range of Spanish wine to hotel, restaurant, banquet, etc.

酒庄於1986年成立,致力於釀造及推廣富有西班牙產地特色、優質而性價比高的葡萄酒。 而為了應付本地不斷變化的需求,於2013年4月成立了香港分公司,並為酒店、餐廳、各式宴會場合供應各種價位及風格的西班牙葡萄酒。

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