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Venta del puerto

Venta del Puerto is our pride and most recognised wine not only in Spain but worldwide, the numbers in the bottles represent how many months has the wiine spent in oak, we use a complex blending of four grapes that complement and balance each others, the production is limited and each bottle it's numbered.

Venta del Puerto 是我們的驕傲和最受認可的葡萄酒,不僅在西班牙而且在全球範圍內,名字中的數字代表葡萄酒在橡木桶中呆了多少個月,我們使用四種葡萄的複雜混合,相互補充和平衡,生產數量有限,每瓶都有編號。


Venta del Puerto N12

La Vina

Red wine aged for twelve months in American oak barrels.



Venta del Puerto N18

La Vina

Red wine aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.


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