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Reymos was born out of an idea to diversify the products obtained from the Roman Muscat grape. This traditional variety thrives in the region’s micro climate, soil and proximity to the sea which provide the perfect conditions for this grape to grow and produce a unique wine with a different taste and an excellent sugar-alcohol balance. It differs from other sparkling wines in its manufacturing process (using the Charmat method) which is more natural as it is based on must.

Reymos 的誕生源於使羅馬麝香葡萄的產品能更多樣化的想法。這種傳統品種在該地區的微氣候、土壤和靠近大海的地方茁壯成長,並生產出具有不同口味和極佳糖醇平衡的獨特葡萄酒。它不同於其他起泡酒的製造過程(使用 Charmat 方法),而是更自然,更能保持原葡萄風味的方法釀造。


Reymos Espumoso de Moscatel

Bodegas Reymos

Sparkling Muscat, selected grapes from our most qualified vineyards


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