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Viña Tendida white

Bodegas Reymos


100% Muscat

100% 麝香葡萄


An ideal accompaniment to aperitifs and desserts. Serve between 5° and 8°C.

開胃酒和甜點的理想搭配。建議在 5°C 和 8°C 之間飲用。


Fermentation is carried out at low temperatures in special tanks (autoclaves) which enables the CO2 released during fermentation to dissolve naturally in the wine, and preserves the aromas extracted in the fermentation process. The wine is then cooled to preserve the natural sugars in the must, and is subsequently bottled under isobaric conditions to maintain the CO2 released during fermentation.

香甜清新的Amatista Moscato White 酒精度只有5%,給你獨特的體驗。
Amatista Moscato White 的發酵過程於特製的壓力鍋進行,使過程釋放的二氧化碳自然溶於酒中,保留發酵過程產生的酒香味。


Sight: Pale greenish yellow, clean and brilliant with fine, persistent bubbles.

Smell: Intense, fine and elegant on the nose with natural freshly harvested grape aromas.

Taste: Perfect acidity-residual sugar balance.

Finish: Sweet and pleasant. Low alcohol content.


.Gold Medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Belgium (2015)
.Gold Medal: Effervescents du Monde – France (2016, 2017)
.Gold Medal: Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards (2017, 2018, 2019)
.Gold Medal: Premios MonoVino – Spain (2017, 2018)
.Gold Medal: Concurso de Vinos PROAVA – Spain (2016, 2017)


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