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Juan de Juanes bronze white

La Vina


70% Macabeo,
30% Chardonnay

70% 馬家婆
30% 莎當妮

Pairing Suggestion

Suitable with apperitives, seafood, crustaceous, fish and white meats. Serve between 16° and 18°C.

可作聚會開胃酒,配搭魚類、海鮮、白肉或甲殼類食品則風味更佳。建議在 16°C 和 18°C 之間飲用。

Wine Overview

Juan de Juanes is the artistic name used by Vicente Juan Masip. Born in Font de la Figuera was the creator of religious iconography during the Spanish Renaissance.
As an illustrious citizen of Font de la Figuera, Bodegas La Viña has honoured the painter by naming the region's iconic product – wine – after him. The Juan de Juanes brand is the expression of perfection which makes this wine a true work of art.

Juan de Juanes 是畫家比森特·胡安·馬西普 (Vicente Juan Masip)的藝名。出生在拉豐特德拉菲格拉(Font de la Figuera)的他是西班牙文藝復興時期宗教圖像誌的創造者。
作為著名的特德拉菲格拉居民,他的名字被酒莊Bodegas La Viña用以命名當地具代表性的產品——紅酒。Juan de Juanes品牌表達的是完美,而這正是我們的紅酒成為真正的藝術品的秘訣。

Tasting Notes

Sight: Clean and pale yellow in colour.

Smell: An intense aroma of ripe fruit (pineapple and
apple) with floral notes (orange blossom).

Taste: Well balanced between freshness and intensity, very pleasant acidity and lingering finish.

Finish: Smooth and refreshing.


.Silver Medal: Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards (2020)
.Silver Medal: Mundus Vini – Germany (Summer Edition) (2020)
.Gold Medal: Challenge International du Vin de Burdeos – France (2021)

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