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Domaine De Unx Tinto Garnacha

Bodegas San Martin


100% Black Garnacha
100% 黑格那希


It pairs perfectly with grilled white and red meat. It performs well with roasts and grills, but its freshness and fruitiness make it a perfect match for rich meals while being a good accompaniment to subtle light dishes. Serve at 18°C.

配搭烤紅白肉、白飯和輕食則風味更佳。建議在 18°C 飲用。


We prepare this wine with the grapes from selected plots in middle mountain terrain where we manage to reflect the influence of the mountainous Atlantic climate in the grapes.



Sight: Clean and transparent in the glass, a medium colour intensity of red cherry.

Smell: A subtle, elegant and smooth aroma, floral hints of violet, red fruit (raspberry, strawberry) and a depth of aromatic plants. Varietal.

Taste: Fresh in the mouth, with good acidity, finesse and light. Distinctly marked by the fruit and sweet tannin of Grenache.


.Gold Medal: Berliner Wine Trophy (2018)
.Gold Medal: International CHallenge of WInes - France (2018)
.Gold Medal: International CHallenge of WInes - France (2017)


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